to write

  1. Treckorta (bill/travie/gabe), prompt:roasting
  2. Wizard of the Bandom (a fic that's been on hiatus for a bit)
  3. Petebot fic (same ↑)
  4. A thirdqual to Happy Halloween and Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year (inevitably Valentine's Day themed)
  5. Killjoy Pete fic 
  6. Peterick Pan
  7. A fic where Pete and Joe fight over Patrick
  8. Panic at the Disco GSF (entitled Everybody Loves Jon)
  9. A fic explaining Bedussey and possibly writing a sequel to Bedussey
  10. Sandman Benzedrine fic (short one though, no epics here)
  11. A fic where Pete and Patrick used to go to school with each other and meet years later when the elevator they're sharing breaks down
  12. A fic where Pete won't help Patrick lose his virginity because of stupid reasons
  13. A fic where Pete's life is shit until he wakes up one day with the perfect life 



Title: PWP (Pretentious Way Porn)
Pairing: Waycest
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sometimes Gerard and Mikey have sex
A/N: Written because I received a badfic version of this and rewrote it because I could.


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